Garance Doré: Black, White & Red - a profile of Heathermary Jackson

by Garance Doré on

I like pretty much everything that Heathermary Jackson wears in this photo (actually, all of it. I like all of it) but that’s not so surprising because I like everything she does as a stylist. Her short bob she recently dyed red, her big white vintage shirt, open in the back… And her Balenciaga boots. Aaaaah, those things have stuck with me, let me tell you… I think I’ll probably end up giving in and getting a pair of these machine guns (what else would you call a pair of shoes this big?). Or maybe I’ll get the Saint Laurent ones which are also extra good (can you tell I just spent 72 hours reading all the September issues?) or maybe just a pair of simple military boots. I mean honestly though, I have this fear that all these are gonna be too heavy for me. What do you think? 

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